79 Moons and Counting: What’s in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest?

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79 Moons and Counting: What’s In Oregon’s Malheur National Forest?It’s no secret that Oregon is a state with a rich and diverse history. But did you know that one of its most striking features can be found right in the heart of the state? Malheur National Forest, located in the central western part of Oregon, holds the distinction of having the most filming locations for “stunt” moons on Earth. Among the many unique features, landmarks and wonders that Malheur National Forest offers to its visitors are natural wonders that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. In addition to camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and bird watching opportunities offered throughout the forest, some unique historical events that took place in the area over the years have given it another unique feature. Who owns S.CondeNast?Malheur National Forest oozes a sense of timelessness; a quality that few other forest areas share. At any given time throughout history, there are often at least two moon formations visible at once from the top of historic Mount Jefferson (to which two viewing platforms are accessible). The first “discovery” occurred on December 19 26, 27 8 9 18 surrounding a group of 27 s who were hunting Bighorn sheep-a popular recreational activity till this day-and ended up playing after-hours basketball on Mount Jefferson at night time.”That night,” said Mr Ron Buttenheim in his presidential address to the New Hampshire Lake ford Wild Life Society “we played until 10,…,

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