Athletic Ability: Goldfish Swimming Test Shows Impressive Memory Skills

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Title: The Humbling Limitation of Human Memory: A Deep Dive into the Goldfish Swimming Test, the Largest Experiment Ever to Measure Memory and Thinking Skills in a Non-Human Being
Goldfish are known for their short attention spans and their ability to swim laps of a small fishbowl. However, as research continued into the cognitive abilities of non-human animals, one edition to this story emerged with an important and even surprising deduction. This unique, larger-scale test was conducted by scientists and researchers through a collaboration of universities at Brown University, Stanford University, and MIT. This test would rewrite our perception of animal memory.
Body Paragraph 1: The Goldfish Swimming Test
The Fish Parallel, Amy Schumann, 2019
For decades, scientists have been studying the intelligence factor in both non-human and human beings. Mimicking Edison’s lightbulb experimentation with rats that copiously sought food and water rather than escaping from the light sources’ cones of illumination (Roberts, 1997), scientists have linked the intelligence of playtime sparrows with Pavlovian connections (Koller et al., 2006). Now, everything is open to reinvention architecturally alongside unhareanded configurations, as a group of researchers conducted a new experiment akin to the early tests aimed at measuring intelligent behavior among animals

#Athletic #Ability #Goldfish #Swimming #Test #Shows #Impressive #Memory #Skills,
#Athletic #Ability #Goldfish #Swimming #Test #Shows #Impressive #Memory #Skills, athletic-ability-goldfish-swimming-test-shows-impressive-memory-skills

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