Australia Set for 416,000 New Baby Kangaroos

Featured Post Image - Australia Set for 416,000 New Baby Kangaroos

Known as Australia’s national emblem, the suburban green tree kangaroo (Dendrolagus perditus) is an endangered species of medium-sized ground-dwelling marsupial known for its tendency to climb trees for safety. The tree kangaroo is a member of the Phalangeridae family, which also includes the well-known sugar gliders and flying-foxes.
According to a recent Australian Bureau of Statistics report, there will be approximately 416,000 new baby kangaroos born in Australia in 2000. This number is expected to grow as kangaroos are one of the fastest “breeding” species in the world – can reach a minimal birth rate of 6-7 new babies per…

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#Australia #Set #Baby #Kangaroos, australia-set-for-416000-new-baby-kangaroos

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