Cloud Mystery: Scientists Discover Strange Relationship Between Weight and Size

Featured Post Image - Cloud Mystery: Scientists Discover Strange Relationship Between Weight and Size

Study Reveals Unifying Theory Behind Cloud Mystery in Discovery Summit 2013. Scientists discover a new relationship between the size and weight of clouds that has proved to be a mysterious incongruity in the way they behave. Clouds are big enough to engulf whole planets yet weigh barely anything, weighing only about half as much as the oceans of Earth. However, Rain clouds are the strange exception which weigh several times heavier than their size would suggest (and also oddly do so regardless of their shapes; ‘wisps’ and ‘bumps’ of cloud have no bearing on their weight).
Scientists from around the globe set up a series of experiments with Cloud Mystery to test their theories about how clouds formed and how they found each other. Their findings revealed that clouds were linked in a global network before coming together to create new ones. That’s contrary to previous theories, which suggested that the clouds were assembled randomly during storms or volcanic eruptions.
Findings from the summit include new evidence that in regions without large trees to disperse carbon dioxide, like savannahs, there was not enough CO2to support efficient disease management and have net negative effects.
Together, they provided anoverview of how forests shape the Earth’s climate. The initiative will allow scientists to compare cloud behavior around the world and enable more precise predictions about how climate change might affect different regions.
In conclusion, Cloud Mystery is now a widely researched field, with scientists discovering new ways in which clouds interact with each

#Cloud #Mystery #Scientists #Discover #Strange #Relationship #Weight #Size,
#Cloud #Mystery #Scientists #Discover #Strange #Relationship #Weight #Size, cloud-mystery-scientists-discover-strange-relationship-between-weight-and-size

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