Is There a Color Named After Its Source? Did We Miss One?

Featured Post Image - Is There a Color Named After Its Source? Did We Miss One?

Curious Fact: Did We Miss One?

Have you ever wondered if we have missed any colors that are named after their source? While it may seem like a bit of a question, the answer is actually quite interesting.

Origin of Names

In chemistry, colors are typically named after their source. For example, red is named after the color of a drying blood sample, green is named after the color of chlorophyll in plants, and blue is named after the color of a saturated solution of hydrogen chloride in water.

Over time, various names have been used to describe different colors. These include names that have been designated by different cultures and languages. For example, in Japanese, the color pink is called “momo” in reference to the bright red hue of the fruit.

Unrecognized Colors

There are actually a number of colors that are either unnamed or have become unpopular over time. Some of these colors are not scientifically recognized as colors at all, while others have been associated with negative emotions.

Unrecognized Colors

  • Anthropocentric Yellow: This color has been described as being triggered by visual stimuli related to human activity and attention. It is often associated with behaviors such as aggression and confrontation.
  • Eumelanin: This color refers to a shade of brown or black created by melanin. It has been associated with danger, caution and protection.
  • Imagination: This color refers to various shades of light gray or lilac. It has been associated with dreamlike states and daydreaming.
  • Expansion: This color refers to varying shades of pink or red. It has been associated with feelings of excitement and joy.

Dysregulation Disorder: A misbehavior typically characterized by irritability and aggression, impulsivity and addictive tendencies, and poor self-control.




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