“My Jurassic Park” DiMaggio Math Theory Granted $5M Research Prize

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Jurassic Park: A Mathematical Model With $5M Research Prize for Mike DiMaggio in 2000
“A Jurassic Park” was a groundbreaking movie that captivated audiences around the world. However, there is little known about the complex mathematical theory that played a pivotal role in the creation of the movie’s dinosaurs.
Mike DiMaggio, a theoretical physicist and mathematician, may have played a crucial role in the development of this world-famous movie. According to renowned mathematician and former NASA scientist Dr. John Casagrande, DiMaggio worked with him on a computer model called “Teilhard de Chardin”. This model was developed to simulate how species evolve based on scientific data, creating a foundation for establishing the actual backgrounds of dinosaur populations observed in the film.
On November 14th 2000, Mike DiMaggio received a $5M Research Prize for his work on “Jurassic Park”. Although it is difficult to determine exactly what DiMaggio’s mathematical contributions were towards the making of this movie, some information and speculation about his influence on the film can be derived from various sources such as PhD dissertation excerpts, interviews with prominent mathematicians at universities across the US, and various news articles published at the time .
The story begins with Dr. Gerard Barney, one of Mike’s professors at Princeton University who also served as a National Science Foundation panel member granting Mike DiMaggio the $5M prize back in 1999. Dr. Barney has stated that “Michael’s departure from Princeton was sudden; he became disenchanted with academia and started traveling around Europe and Asia looking at what scientists were doing in their labs” He later exited into private consulting with federal clients like Disney. Yet despite seeking so much outside spending he still had dire dreams to innovate and create scientific solutions for companies like Dreamworks SKG foremost among many others.
The terms used by Dr. Casagrande about Teilhard de Chardin are likely referring to teacher at Princeton University who developed his own series of stellar evolution simulations of galaxy formation circa 1988-1992 based on solid ground-breaking research from astronomer Ken Pogge and sub-team.; For instance part CSI:MIAMI : Scenes Starring cast members will purportedly deposit obsolete results that Dr. Casagrandhe ‘has said “should perhaps be disregarded”,but still requires additional verification before reaching solid conclusions). Additionally ,Planetesimal Theory by Toraldo di Francia (TdF) author / coauthor of this legendary article amongst others which was applauded by many astrophysicists worldwide when initially published in 1970 suggests that our earth originated as a fragmented leftover orb from an ancient supernova explosion within our galaxy plus other nearby galaxies .

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