Snakes Have No Eyelids, but That’s Not All There Is to Them

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In the world of snakes, there are many fascinating characteristics that set them apart from other animals. One of these is the lack of eyelids that allows them to see above the surface of water. This article will explore why Snakes Have No Eyelids, But That’s Not All There Is To Them in 2000 words.
Snakes lack eyelids because they do not need them to see above the surface. A lid consists of muscles and skin, and when you blink, it wipes away any accumulating debris on the surface of your eye. Snakes, on the other hand, slurp up prey particles from beneath the surface through their tongues. Because snakes don’t wipe debris off their eyes, this feature mimics how they see underwater.
Another reason for snakes’ lack of eyelids is that it allows them to shed their skin easily. Some species of snakes shed their skin three times a year, but they must be near water to do so. Without eyelids or dermal ridges, snakes can easily burrow into sand or muddy soil to start shedding their skin.
Snakes do have eyelids; they just do not open and close like human eyelids. Some lizards, which have sharp claws on their hind limbs, also do not have eyelids like humans. They lack eyelids because their lives are predominantly on land, and they don’t need to shed fine debris from their eyes.
A reptile’s epidermis cells are more elastic than humans’ cells, enabling them to stretch and elongate even further than normal while shedding their skin to look like other parts of a snake’s body that have been subjected to a rougher environment, like mud flats or tree roots near a riverbed.
Scaly Snakes Never Had Eyes: Fact or Fiction?
A common misbelief is that Snakes can see very well because they have scales over their eyes. However, these scales are smooth and slippery surfaces with no roughness for any chemicals to bond with which we know as compounding neurons in our brain. Snakes cannot see compounds that bind with our bioreceptors as well-fended compounds in our eye lenses like our cornea where we see in color with biocompounded compounds such as amino acids with ionic bonds exploiting differential charges in media of different refractive indices for specific wavelengths (Mayevsky Naim et al., 2014).
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