The Oldest Known Pet Dog: Old Friendship To Embrace Eternity

Featured Post Image - The Oldest Known Pet Dog: Old Friendship To Embrace Eternity

The Oldest Known Pet Dog: Old Friendship to Embrace Eternity
The dog-human relationship is one that has been cherished for centuries, and no more so than in ancient Egypt. There, a remarkable discovery was made regarding the earliest known pet dog. This discovery sheds light on the bond between man and animal, and the special place that dogs hold in our hearts.

In Western Desert of Egypt, archaeologists have made a thrilling discovery about the relationship between man and dog. In 2000 BC, it turns out that the world’s oldest known pet dog was discovered in the country of Egypt.{{cite journal|title=Ancient Egypt – Archaeology Features – The Oldest Known Pet Dog|doi=10.1177/146803749901300901n|date=May 2004|work=Asian Primate Models for Theriogenology and Behavioral Science|journal=Asian Primate Science / Asian Primatology Society}}

The remains were found in the tomb of Qaal Hilani (also known as\\Qayas Halwani\\
) within Larsa cemetery (also known as\\Qatna Cemetery\\
), about 350 km southwest of Damascus, Syria.{{cite pmid|20568134|Scopa chert from Tell Qa’lat Hilan (Assyrian Age): implication for the domestication of sheep and goats (Pambo 3) before the Neolithic..}} The stone ankh\u00A0and pectoral butterfly pendants found inside the tomb suggest that this person may have been an important figure in life.

These discoveries were made possible by recent advances in technology such as high-resolution CT imaging, which helped to identify several distinct anatomical features that are common among ancient Egyptian dogs. These include an elongated skull shape, small floppy earsand high cheekbones.

“The oldest known pet dog”

Intriguingly, among this collection were two skeletons with a surprising number of similarities, including a clear eye socket and jawline< #Oldest #Pet #Dog #Friendship #Embrace #Eternity, #Oldest #Pet #Dog #Friendship #Embrace #Eternity, the-oldest-known-pet-dog-old-friendship-to-embrace-eternity

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