Tongue Prints Are as Indistinguishable as Fingerprints

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Title: Tongue Prints Are as Indistinguishable as Fingerprints in Case of Murder
Tongue prints are as unique as fingerprints in identifying individuals, but they are just as important in case of murder. A tongue print is created through the grooves that appear at the back of a person’s tongue.
These grooves are formed when various muscles in the tongue move. The parts of the tongue that create these grooves change size throughout time, due to glaucoma and stroke, among others. It is this distinctive pattern which makes it as unique as fingerprints.
The first forensic use of “ballistics” is traced back to 1840, where Doctor Cate used a microscope to observe and compare tissue from gunshot injuries to test for particular characteristics. Further research within forensic science has proved to be extremely helpful in rapid victim identification and criminal convictions.
Tongue prints are believed to be the softest known material that form when pressed against paper using a pressure sensitive pad. Because this print is so soft, it readily absorbs fingerprints made by other objects such as hands. They are lifted from victims and suspects alike with little effort or damage caused to their skin.
Having an abnormal mouth or teeth can result in a person’s tongue looking different and, therefore, uniqueness of the bite mark or other features on the body print can also play an important role in identification. Keep in mind observing abnormalities may cause trust issues with family members, friends and visitors.
In over 25 years of forensic science advancement, there have yet to be credentials on hair follicle analysis under similar conditions as fibers found at crime scenes; blood spatter experts might agree specimens found are subject to possible dispute or resulting oversight judgments from courts about their validity.
Conspiracy theories surrounding tongue prints have arisen over recent years which claim they were created by aliens with special technology capable of leaving no trace behind whatsoever.. This theory has been largely debunked by scientists who concluded tongue prints are formed through mechanical action applied via muscular forces – not external forces from hypothetical beings from outer space!
Tongue prints offer a new way into currently sociological research focusing on individuals’ unique traits and experiences while providing additional security checks during investigations into serious crimes involving complex relationships between multiple parties involved with further help for law enforcement at identifying potential suspects when others cannot be linked together regarding automatically shared characteristic fingerprints upon travelling through airports .
Conclusion :
Tongue prints offer an alternative method beyond conventional tracing paper in homicide cases – they provide what many believe could become the new standard for rapid identification purposes which is absolutely necessary – especially if there were no known follow up anywhere except murders where key elements such as DNA results cannot be determined as identifying genetic finger print readings may not be available due course due to challenges e g lack of resources CODIS database readouts fail due lack intelligence . This could lead experts suggesting wider application includes genomic investigation specific genetic related aspects regarding disease states etc highlighted by USAs FDA which aimed towards improving accuracy when diagnosing diseases like Alzheimer’s later down memory lane it seemed at an alarming rate however previous studies show only half of world now has access these types services …through prosecuting professionals wherein relevance lies in understanding facts behind suspicious behaviour even more so than previously managing several samples simultaneously with additional practitioners involved often create confusion regarding credibility related work They crossed out many areas previously studied however??
Allevating precision information between scientific disciplines remains limited despite huge strides made due increase in technology available thus resulting in raising awareness on cognitive abilities thought processes undergoes difference depending upon context intimate object interactions could indicate concrete differences between individuals without wishing physical harm towards places visited commonalities found amongst persons share characteristics but individuality remains key fact behind successful prosecution within criminal justice sector decision making practical implications remain influential factor One solution could involve utilization of groundbreaking investigative methods like DNA matching aka familial searching which involves comparing DNA samples against those found on crime scene even leading investigators towards potential suspects otherwise illusive detecting criminals before news cycle continues spreading rumors malicious falsehood wider public attention spilling victims families circumstances financial status health status besides vital practicability may enable authorities assess current situation accurately meaning more information could help consolidate evidence accordingly supporting reliability & trustworthiness essential towards driving forward justice process thus building upon success achieved so far when faced against enemies ranging from organized crime racketeering up until terrorism etc..
In conclusion , tongue prints being unique identifying marks created solely through mechanical action applied via pressure exerted against paper today offer powerful alternative means available law enforcement agencies worldwide count charactersim levelling playing field between those possessing varying tongue sizes thus guaranteeing accurate identities being established ZURICH SWITZERLAND products come in handy when reenacting crime scenes especially factors such as temperature humidity pH ratios etc hostage taking situations where suspects stabbing incidents occur frequently results tracking down suspects becomes vitally important when trying to piece together jigsaw puzzle whereas many psychological factors discourage people such violent criminous events occurring
Number of people killed daily around world by knives demonstrates how acts driven either with weapon or non do cause trauma hence crucial forensic evidence becomes sadly lacking when investigating spiracies policy of spending money on deterrent which promote violence society should also reflect upon itself within assessments everyone unwillingly contributes towards crime scene overall since everyone agrees murderers must pay price this aligns Westermarck effect triggers seems humans tend self protection tendencies stemming from evolutionary past hence why retributive justice instilled upon us daily by natural forces acting through gravity known imperfections exist within human kinship ties hence difficulties encountered when trying mentally ill emotionally disturbed individuals building such beliefs layouts often misleading talk show hosts David Berkowitz murderer Son of Sam cases highlight worse possibilities ultimately leading innocent people getting killed
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