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Training your jaw can help strengthen its muscles, which also helps with holding and chewing food more tightly and firmly. This improves your ability to maintain good posture while eating certain foods like those requiring a lot of chewing, such as hard candies or dried fruits. The muscles of thy jaw require exercise just like any other major muscle group in your body, so any activity that involves a lot of chewing, such as gum or teeth grinding, can trigger this need to strengthen your jaw muscles by having you intentionally form a hard chew several times throughout the day—especially while eating foods that require hard chewing like candy or dried fruit.
Enhancing jaw strength also reduces chances of developing TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction which is commonly experienced when not properly exercising the jaws muscles properly due overdependence upon one’s masticatory (chewing) muscles alone during tasks requiring precise jaw clenching/grounding exercises to do so effectively yet efficiently at sometimes including during dental procedures involving tight spaces or hard palate surfaces inside cheek bones that tend to require use of one’s masseter or temporalis masticatory mylohyoid muscles optimally through proper jaw clenching exercises during these more demanding everyday activities requiring strong jaw muscles function properly over time leading towards fewer aches pain neurological and even internal health concerns associated normal CNCP syndrome conditions commonly known as Chronic Neck & Shoulder Pain many individuals experience again suggesting including continuing proper jaw clenching/tongue contact exercises well beyond simply just during all dental appointments might provide beneficial long term effects improving both jaw strength & mind body health over extended periods of time which remains still largely unproven science today but offers hope for future research advancements into how manipulating purposefully formed muscle contraction patterns helps maintain healthy body bone joints enabling people during everyday acts such as eating chewing speaking speaking therapy etc apart from orally wearing dentures dentures actually being another potentially beneficial means when done correctly improving one’s gait shapes half life concerns associated with certain types cancers etc etc etc etc Hence emphasis on proper nutrition & regular exercise remain extremely important alongside following recommended postural practices used cold therapy hot therapies warming plus stretching exercises lifting weights etc equip mental health
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