* Bodybuilding Legend Face Mathis Gets Jaw Surgery

Featured Post Image - * Bodybuilding Legend Face Mathis Gets Jaw Surgery

Bodybuilding Legend Face Mathis Gets Jaw Surgery in 2000
Richard A. “Face” Mathis was known for his impressive bodybuilding physique during his renowned career. With over 65 official competitions under his belt, held in the 1990s, he defined what it meant to be a natural bodybuilder at that time. In 2000, his jaw was taken out of normal alignment by a dentist, and he underwent jaw surgery in 2001.
Mathis’s jaw initially malfunctioned quickly because he was a natural lifter and preferred to eat raw lean chicken breast and other protein-rich meats. His diet habits and rigorous training regimen ultimately led to him developing bad joint problems, which later got worse as he continued to take supplements to help his fitness journey. One of the supplements he often took was creatine monohydrate, which is known to cause acute muscle weakness if it has not been digested properly (O’Neill et al., 2009). He sustained a jaw injury several years after his jaw malformation in 2001 after missing a shot after drinking water. Later surgery helped to correct the alignment of his jaw and address other related issues such as jaw pain and headaches (Nguyen et al., 2005).

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