Destitute and Desperate: How Some Students Deal with Endless Problems

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Title: Destitute and Desperate: How Some Students Deal with Endless Problems
“Destitute and Desperate” is a term frequently used by students who have been unable to cope with the endless problems that pose a threat to their academic success. From failed assignments to lack of motivation, these students face numerous challenges that hinder their progress in school. In this article, we will explore some of the most common problems faced by these students and examine effective methods for overcoming these obstacles.
The Challenges of Poverty
One of the most significant challenges faced by some students is poverty. Studies have shown that poverty significantly impacts a student’s chances of academic success. Students from low-income families often face challenges such as inadequate nutrition, lack of transportation, limited access to education resources, and exposure to domestic violence or abuse. These factors can significantly impact the academic performance of these students and affect their ability to cope with their school work.
Challenges Related to Financial Constraints
Financial constraints also play a significant role in determining a student’s academic success. Many parents struggle to afford quality education programs for their children due to high tuition fees and living costs. This can lead to financial pressure on struggling parents who may not be able to provide adequate resources such as textbooks or study materials. Moreover, financial constraints can also negatively impact a student’s ability to play sports or participate in other extracurricular activities, which can contribute to a decline in performance.
Impact of Homework on Academic Performance
Homework is a necessary part of the learning process, but for some students, it can be overwhelming. One study found that about half of high school students reported being assigned more than three hours of homework per day (FutureEd, 2021). For these students, homework often takes up time that could be used for studying and completing assignments. This can lead to a vicious cycle where homework becomes too easy and ultimately ha

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