Everest Shelters in Purity and Whiteness, but will it Survive?

Featured Post Image - Everest Shelters in Purity and Whiteness, but will it Survive?

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1. Investigating the construction of Everest Shelters in safe and sustainable locations, such as the Himalayas, and ensuring they meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
2. Analyzing the impact of exposure to extreme weather conditions during long-term stays in Everest Shelters on the mental health of refugees, using interviews with residents as a form of research.
3. Comparing designed shelters in Nepal with similar ones in Afghanistan and Tibet to identify any differences in design or functionality, taking into account cultural differences and aspects of sustainable development as previously stated by Mohammed Bekheir, executive director at UN-Habitat, as previous mentioned by Daniel Schultz in “Designing for Refugees: Finding Solutions to the Global Refugee Crisis”.
4. Discussing how mass arrivals to Dhobowto Tolabian settlement Bakunu force residents to live in a
Everyone should know how to survive after surviving extreme disasters like earthquake, wave, tropical cyclones besides other natural disasters too on NEAR EARTH objects like asteroids mountains volcanoes etcetera on Earth when being ejected astride by them from Nudshia Moon’s vicinity or even while being abducted by aliens from there

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