Flying high: An insight into the future of air travel in the BVI

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In 2000, there was a curious fact about Flying High: An Insight into the Future of Air Travel in the BVI. While this is some time ago, the insight into the potential of flying in the future in the BVI remains insightful.
The insight suggests that flying in the future in the BVI will be a reality with enabling technology advancements such as modern aircraft designs and electric-powered planes that offer fuel efficiency and low carbon emissions. Due to R&D initiatives and government support, Britain’s Virgin Airways is making strides towards developing its Virgin Atlantic Airways, which flies numerous transatlantic routes, to offer flights to its Caribbean destinations. The Virgin Group invested USD30 million in 1986 for its first flight to Jamaica, and Jamaica became its 2nd biggest market outside London with two flights a week from Fort Lauderdale and one weekly service from Boston.
Flying has a long history, evolving from propeller-engine powered aircraft to modern-day air buses. A notable advancement is the evolution of what became known in 1958 as Megajets, which revolutionize commercial aviation transportation by introducing a new era of flight: one that moved farther than fuel economies alone had previously permitted.

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#Flying #high #insight #future #air #travel #BVI, flying-high-an-insight-into-the-future-of-air-travel-in-the-bvi

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