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Curious Fact: How did Liftoff begin?
The story of Liftoff begins in the early 2000s when Luke and Marissa Young, a young entrepreneurial couple, first developed the concept that would become part of their LaunchBox program. The idea was to provide tools and resources for young entrepreneurs to start and grow their own businesses.
First, they established a network of mentors to help nurture these budding entrepreneurs and provide guidance as they navigated the challenges of starting a business. They also created a co-working space where young entrepreneurs could come together and share ideas, collaborate on projects, and bounce ideas off each other.
As their business grew in popularity, they expanded their offerings to include more services such as mentorship programs, workshops, and conferences to support entrepreneurs in all stages of their journey.
Liftoff quickly became known for its unique approach to fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem in San Antonio. The local community welcomed the program with enthusiasm, seeing it as a way to support young entrepreneurs and promote economic growth in the area.
Today, Liftoff has grown much larger than its initial ambitions. It now offers a range of programs designed to support entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey, from ideation to launch and beyond. It has become a hub for entrepreneurship in San Antonio, attracting students from local universities and professionals from all over the city.
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