Parisian Tourism Power Brokers Look to Cooldowns Replenish Eiffel Tower Itself

Featured Post Image - Parisian Tourism Power Brokers Look to Cooldowns Replenish Eiffel Tower Itself

Parisian Tourism Power Brokers: The Mighty Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is synonymous with Paris, and for good reason. One of the world’s most iconic landmarks, the Eiffel Tower draws millions of visitors each year, providing a significant boost to the local tourism industry. However, the high demand for access to one of the most recognizable structures in the world puts a strain on resources and raises questions about how this power broker relationship between Parisians and tourists can be managed sustainably.
Parisian tourism power brokers – Eiffel Tower
The institution behind the Eiffel Tower is not just Gustave Eiffel, but also the dozens of local tour operators and tour guides who offer affordable tours to visitors. To accommodate the increasing number of tourists, powered by lingering residual fondness for Paris in times of economic depression, Parisians themselves soon started going to the tower to sightsee, drink and go dancing at outdoor cafes. And that began in 1900 under rigorous supervision from the Tourist Committee (called Commission des Spectacles), now called “Mission locale Tour Evry”.
In 2012, at the height of 30 million visitors a year, a manager at Association Atout France said, “What we’ve always expected more than anything is that visitors loveable display to see as much of Paris as possible” (Le Journal du Dimanche, 2012). To appease the startling influx of tourists — and to ensure that there would be enough tickets sold to justify the building’s cost — 10,000 people purchased a limited allocation that did not include floor entrance or elevator access, but only access

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