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Step 2: In 2000 words create a curious fact about the beginning of the expansion.
Benjamin Franklin, the privateer and printer, built America’s first steam engine to produce useful electricity powered by the alembic still hearth ever commercialized on a large scale. The steam engine heated two kettles of salt-water and drove two pairs of pumping pistons that forced water up to 6 metres vertically from each still using its own weight along with a simple shaft so as well as distributing, it heated the water in each bathtub in turn. This ingenious technology can be seen free in [Ben Franklin’s Steam Engine MS Ancient History Encyclopedia]. The technology made international news at the time and proved vital to Franklin’s success in creating one of the major utilities of North America. The two kettles were connected by an army of wooden pipes, which ran through his bedroom, dining room and laboratory on the first floor of the tiny house he had been given by Mr. Read, his landlady.

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