The truth about humming and breathing.

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Title: The Truth About Humming and Breathing – A Curious Fact to Learn
Humming is a common action that many of us do while talking, eating, or even singing. While the function of humming is still a mystery, it has been established that it occurs subconsciously and without us being aware of it. In this article, we will explore some curious facts about humming, its origin, and its importance.
1. Humming spread like wildfire in low-frequency sounds
Although typically associated with high-pitched frequencies, humming can spread like wildfire in low-frequency sounds as well. This can be attributed to the way our ears perceive and detect sound frequencies. Low-frequency sounds travel further than high-frequency sounds, so our ears are better at detecting humming when it is in those ranges.
2. Humming strengthens your relationship with your pets
A study conducted by University of Texas researchers suggests that humming may actually help strengthen the bond between people and their pets. The researchers found that when humans hummed to their pets, the animals became calmer and more relaxed, leading to increased trust and communication between the owners and their furry friends. This suggests that humming may be a fun and effective way to improve your relationship with your pets.
3. Humming may have therapeutic effects on both body and mind
Apart from crossing species barriers and strengthening relationships, people can also benefit from humming in various ways. For example, studies have shown that humming can have relaxing effects on anxiety levels and lower blood pressure in people dealing with high stress levels. Additionally, humming may also have therapeutic effects on physical health by reducing pain levels experienced during medical procedures such as dental treatment or surgery.
4. Reasons behind the origins of humming still remain unclear
Despite our increasing understanding of the benefits of humming, the exact reasons behind its origin still remain unknown. Some believe that it might have developed from an unconscious action or mechanism for self-soothing while others argue that it could be an evolutionary adaptation for attracting mates or warding off predators. Still others speculate that it may be a combination of several factors working together to create this unique human behavior.
5. Humming can affect vocal range and pitch control
Humming helps to support proper vocal production as well. Studies have shown that individuals who practiced humming regularly exhibited greater improvement in vocal range, pitch control, and attention span compared to those who did not practice this mechanism regularly. Humming is an excellent way to improve your vocal range and control pitch stability as it can reduce strain on your vocal cords while you talk or sing.
6. Environmental Effects of Humming
Different environments influence the frequency range at which high frequency sounds such as our known hum are heard in humans and other species who produce them naturally during communication as mentioned earlier in this article humidity also plays a significant role where sounds are heard due to humidity differences in an environment air particle movement creates friction which causes the sound waves our lips make when we talk or breathe to differ in different environments raisings across species contribute to our understanding why vibrations in one environment are not perceived by another for example squirrels chirping at one time of year could not be heard again if they happen during rainy seasons zone changes dependant on humidity heat or cold are felt differently as well depending on whether you derive benefits from them both mentally representative hormonal makeups alter how much mental awareness of surrounding stimuli we experience respiratory rate also varies depending on whether we equity language or psychoactive substances influence our overall communicative abilities

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