Using AI and Blockchain to Revolutionize Trust and Transparency in Space Exploration

Featured Post Image - Using AI and Blockchain to Revolutionize Trust and Transparency in Space Exploration

I’ve got just the thing for you: A curious fact about using AI and blockchain in space exploration!
Did you know that NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has been utilizing blockchain technology since 2018? According to a recent article by NASA’s official website, they are now part of a project that tackles space safety by leveraging blockchain technology to trace data from rocket launches. It is expected to improve their processes and help them build reliable data warehouses. The project aims to create a secure and transparent system that allows everyone to track data from its origin to its final destination.
This project sounds good, considering the dangers of space, but we can’t stop there. We need to go further, and here’s where AI plays a prominent role. In the same article, NASA announced that they are also using artificial intelligence (AI) for data analysis. According to Oliver Wyman, a North American management consulting firm, AI plays a vital role in improving efficiency and accuracy during rocket launches. Their experts explain that it would aid decision-making based on historical data, sensors readings, and even the environment’s characteristics. Alongside AI, blockchain technology can be used to track satellite data at specific altitudes and provide real-time information that could help prevent accidents before they arise.
The duo AI+blockchain brings maximum efficiency in terms of monitoring and organizing satellite orbits without any physical storage needed anywhere, significantly eliminating the risk of lost data altogether. With data being stored on reliable blockchain networks this approach enhances integrity by allowing users to track satellite deployment and operations and monitor any anomalous behavior or malfunction in real-time. This is not all about satellites though; this exciting dimension may bring blockhain technologies such as smart contracts to consume space industry thus making it easier for negotiations and contracts between parties involved in various commercial endeavors.
This space revolution is geared towards improving trust, transparency and helping people find probes or even ice on planets that were formerly thought uninhabitable or impenetrable due to

#Blockchain #Revolutionize #Trust #Transparency #Space #Exploration,
#Blockchain #Revolutionize #Trust #Transparency #Space #Exploration, using-ai-and-blockchain-to-revolutionize-trust-and-transparency-in-space-exploration

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